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Hello Jerome et al,

Yes, I am familiar with the Chesed-Shushana organization. I visited their
centre a number of times when I was in Chernivtsi in the summer of 2001 and
met Leonid Fuks and others who work there. This organization provides
valuable services to the contemporary, mostly elderly, Jewish community.
They organize cultural and social events, run a health clinic with
volunteer doctors, distribute monthly care packages with staple foods to
those in need, and do some advocacy work (e.g., restitution for survivors
of the Holocaust). They are funded by the Joint Distribution Committee and
a few other Jewish foundations. Each of the elderly people that I engaged
in conversation had engrossing and moving stories to tell about pre-war and
wartime Czernowitz and the surrounding region. Apart from the language
barrier, which perhaps Natasha can help to bridge, our group may appreciate
the link to this organization and the elderly people who benefit from its

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Shalom Czernowitzers!

This message which I forward to you arrived in my mailbox
today. Clicking on the link in the message brings up an
interesting site which you may not know about. brings up
an english version of the site.

Do any of you know anything about the organization -- I'm
thinking of putting a link in from our web page, but
I could use some guidance if you will.

Speaking of the web page... lots of new stuff: some very
interesting photos from David Glynn from the Romanian
period and also some hi-rez postcards; new documents with
translations from Mimi Taylor; new documents from Mariette
Gutherz; new photos from Moshe Tutnauer taken at the Czernowitz
cemetery (promises of more to come), and so on.

The website elves are always looking for new Czernowitz
materials, so keep them happy, send more stuff!


the Czernowitz-L website is at:

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Shalom from Czernowitz.
May be this sites will interest you:,
I work in the charitable organization ( and
frequently I am engaged in searches native,
burial places, ancient documents and photos.

Best regards. Natasha

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