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<x-charset iso-8859-1>Carlos,

Welcome to the group.

I noticed that you had a Brenner listed as a surname of interest. My
great-grandfather, Bendit Rinzler, had a brother Chaim Rinzler who married a
Rosa (Reiza) Brenner. They would have been born in the first half of the
19th century, likely near Chernowitz, however, I cannot be sure of that. I
also have a report from a cousin that the name may have been Breuer instead
of Brenner.

I know that you are early on in your research, however, if you tuck this
message away until you get additional information, it may make more (or
less) sense later on.


Dick Conoboy
Bellingham, WA

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Hi all,

I just joined the Czernowitz-L discussion group, so I'm going to tell you a
little bit about me and my family:

My name is Carlos Trumer, I'm 32, I live in Caracas Venezuela and I'm the
only son of Jacob Trumer and Shirley Horowitz. My father Jacob Trumer was
born 12 June 1936 in Czernowitz. My grandfather, Jacob's Father was Israel
Isidor Trumer, he was born Feb. 16, 1906 in Sniatyn, near Czernowitz, he
was the son of Shimon Trumer (Shimon's parents were ? Trumer ans Yenta ?)
and Sima Feller (daugther of Srul Feller and Chaya Sara Spitzer), he
(Isidor) had one sister called Ette (Esther) that supousedly died befor
WWII. Aproximatly at the age 18, Isidor Trumer moved to Czernowitz
apparently in search of a better future, he was received there by two
uncles: Gershon Feller (maybe his mother's brother), and Gershon Brenner (I
don't know who he was) they both lived in Czernowitz and were doing well
financially, so that's why he went there. in Czernowitz about 1935 Isidor
got married with Rosa Kreisel, she was born Jan. 17, 1913 in Czernowitz and
was killed Oct. 27, 1942 and burried in Shargorod (I have a picture of her
gravestone), she was the dauther of Moishe Kreisel and Lotty ?, and she had
a brother named Berl.

I don't know anything more about Rosa and the Kreisel family, and from
Isodor's family (Feller, Spitzer, Brenner) so this is as far as I can go
there in Czernowitz.

I started my genealogy research just a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to
find whatever I can about my ancestors, so if some of the names listed
above sound familiar to anyone please e-mail me a message.

Carlos Trumer
Caracas, Venezuela
JGFF Researcher #78144

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