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<FONT face=Arial size=2>i wish if you can help me to find part of my
family ,my name is J aquelina.My grandfather Itzak wald (born 1880)married with
Rachel Deutsch came both fromWizhniza orVyzhnitsa near Chernowitz
.Itzak had 3 brothers ,one of them had three boys ,i am talking of Bukowina,or
perhaps they moved ,because when these brothers married i dont know were did
they go .I have one photo of one of them with an address in Bucarest,so if you
have photos of the WALDS ,1900-1918,and they were of 18-25 years old ,we can
share them . I have one sign with a S.,but unlikily i dont know his
<FONT face=Arial size=2>My greatgranfather ,the father of these three
brothers Walds ,was called Moses.Please,if you feel we can match in these story
,i will be very happy.Jaquelina Wald.</FONT>
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