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Dear Group,
I have a vague memory of someone researching Storfer / Reifler.
I found the old email on the bottom (from 1999) in Jewishgen.
I contacted Gay Lynne and we are tossing the names back and forth.
However, if anyone has any ideas on this lineage please help!
(The bottom is the first email, then the progressive ones go up)

That is the only information I have. I have never been able to find out
any information on Rose Reifler. It is my husband's family. I guess I
have been waiting for more information to become available from
Chernowitz. I don't think Rose Reifler and Baruch Storfer came to
America. When I go to the Genealogy Conference in Washington I will
try and learn how to get birth death and marriage records from
Chernovitz. The cemetary database should come on line soon. I have
another cousin who is following the storfer line named Mark Tabenkin who
is in New Jersery. His email is

Gay Lynne Kegan
Palm Desert, California


Glynne Shalom!
I am researching Reiflers from Chernowitz.
I think we are related. (My mother is Eileen Reifler,
Her father is Max (Michel) Reifler, his father is Zev Wolf (William)
His mother was Shayva (Bat Sheva?) Reifler and his father was Natan
Steigman. Shayva is somehow related to the Reifler clan in Detroit.
(According To Albert Reifler (A"H) charts)

I found your address in an old Jewish gen listing which I enclose below.
Plus, I am including a Rose Riefler entry that I dredged up
from the (finally!) updated Jewishgen archives.
Raanan Isseroff
Brooklyn, USA

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Subject: Searching REIFLER from Chernovitz
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We have a new name to research in our family:
Rose/Rachel REIFLER married to Baruch (or Bernard) Maier STORFER from
Chernovitz, Austria now Chernovtsy, Ukraine.

Gay Lynne Kegan

Also searching:
HOFFENBERG from Josvainiai Lithuania
OSWIANZA/OWSIANKA from Nasielsk Poland
KUCHER/KUTCHER and DUBINSKY from Elizabetgrad, Ukraine
KAGAN from Novoslatopol, Ukraine

Email address:
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JewishGen Family Finder: <>.


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