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Greetings Anna and welcome to Czernowitz-L

Just a note to inform you that the list also has
an associated website at

You will notice there is a section called 'List Members Pages',
where members have posted family histories, stories, trees,
etc. We would be pleased to host your mother's story and
whatever else you have of interest, when you are ready.

The site is a repository for materials dealing with Jewish
life in the Czernowitz area that have been contributed by
list members.

As well, there is a Sadagura website at:

Best regards,
Jerome Schatten - webperson for Czernowitz-L
Vancouver B.C. wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Anna Glasman (married name Anna Guy) and I
> live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
> I am the daughter of Yetti Vogel (married name Glasman)
> from Sadagura. My grandmother was from the Bendit
> family in Sadagura.
> Only recently, my mother started to speak about our
> family history and what happened during WWII. She is a
> survivor of the Verchovka ghetto in Transnistria.
> Since starting my research, I discovered that Yetti
> Vogel is not even on the list of survivors that is kept
> at the Holocaust Memorial in Washington. Her cousins
> Jacob Vogel and Jacob?s sisters Regina and Clara are on
> the list.
> My father, Herman Glasman, is also a Holocaust survivor
> from Czechoslovakia. Both my parents came from large
> extended families of which there were few survivors
> after the war.
> I am very interested in learning more about the
> Sadagura community and discovering if there are any
> other family members or friends that survived that we
> are not in contact with. I would also like to document
> my mother?s story and our family tree. I feel very
> strongly that all the stories and names must be
> documented and not just disappear as if they had never
> existed. I have only recently discovered the extent
> and history behind the Jewish community in Sadagura /
> Chernovitz and I would like to pass this legacy on to
> my children.
> If anyone would like to get in touch with Yetti Vogel,
> please e-mail me at and I will pass on
> the letter. My mother also lives in Montreal.
> I welcome any replies.
> Thank you,
> Anna Glasman
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