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From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 07:55:31 -0400

<x-flowed>Dear Anna and Yetti:

I was away this past week, and was very happy to see your message
posted to Czernowitz-L. As others have mentioned, the Sadagura web
site is a great starting point for information about Sadagura
families and the history of Sadagura. There is much more information
out there that is still not widely available; for instance, there is
a 2 volume yizkor book for Sadagura, sponsored in the 1950's by
Sadagura Landsmannschaften in New York and in Israel, called Der
Judische Vatikan in Sadagora. I have a copy of this book, written in
German, and perhaps those interested can think about how we might
start a project to translate it into English and post it on the web.

I also have some information on the Bendit family that we'll have to
discuss privately. Moshe/Morris Bendit married my great
grandfather's sister, Chaje/Clara Reisch. I also have pictures of
one or two Bendit tombstones from Sadagora, taken during my trip
there in 1998. My cousin, Elissa Bendit, has been compiling lots of
Bendit family info.

Welcome to the group!

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