Re: Subject Heading addition

From: Bruce Reisch <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 09:23:06 -0400


We looked into these questions about a year ago, shortly after the
formation of the group. I contacted the listserv manager about
putting in a tag in the subject line. He recommended against it for
several reasons, most of which I've forgotten. But one had to do
with the accumulation of tags in the subject line as responses
follow. Every reply sent to the list will have one additional tag
added to the beginning, until you can no longer see the message

The listserv manager suggested that each subscriber could create a
filter within their own email program to separate all mail received
from <> into a separate email inbox. This
would prevent the problem you describe.

The Reply settings were also discussed. Initially we had replies set
to go to the entire group. Way too many private emails (long ones,
too) were sent to the group and that presented a problem to a number
of subscribers. Carl Ulrich and I discussed the problem and decided
that the default should be that replies go automatically to the
inidual posting the message, and not to the group.

This still leaves each of us the option of either replying to the
group or to the inidual only. If you would like to send your
reply to the group, just change the "To:" field in your header to go
to <>. Also, if you would like to see the
replies sent to a particular query, you can ask the inidual who
posted the message to share replies with the group.

You also mentioned archiving of messages. I have a complete set of
messages posted, and plans are to work with one of our members to
create a searchable database of messages. This will have to wait
until we have more time on our hands.

Thanks for raising these questions, and I'm glad you are profiting
from the group.


At 8:16 PM -0400 7/23/03, wrote:
>Is there any way to add a "Chernowitz" subject heading to precede the
>Subject title?
>There should be some provision to do this.
>It is disconcerting to get emails that appear to be out of the blue.
>Plus, when one goes to clean up emails, it is a quick sort, if the
>subject headings are all the same, such as "Chernowitz". They file
>neatly this way.
>Also, is it possible to change the reply settings to put the reply
>automatically to the group? This way discussion will be automatically
>logged and archived.
>Usually, the subject heading changes can be made in the same area as
>"Header" and "Footer" adjustments for the list owner.
>Keep up the good work Bruce!!
>All the best,
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