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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 12:33:31 -0500
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Form Mimi Taylor:

The three pages Bruce posted lead me to the following conclusions:
The Austrian page is on a German stationery and the dates of death
are for 1915 and 1916 which makes sense, because during those years
Czernowitz was still Austrian. The two other pages are on Romanian
stationary and require far more data than is given. These forms were
intended to be filled out one name only for each row, yet three names
have been entered, further, the page for parcel 3 contains information
about people deceased long before 1918 and the change to Romanian
government. On the page for parcel 16 in many instances instead of a
name there are the letters " G O N". These I believe to stand for Grab
ohne Namen which in German means grave without name. In other
instances there are the letters "s d" or "? d". I think that the pages for
parcels 3 and 16 were transcribed during the Romanian period from
pages which had originally been entered during the Austrian period.
Where the Austrian clerk had entered G O N it was copied, where he
had left a blank the Romanian clerk wrote "? d" where "d" stands for
data meaning same in Romanian as in English. The other fact which
supports the idea that the page for parcel 16 is transcribed is that the
entries are not in sequential order; column 1 goes from 465 to 449,
column 2 from 448 to 437 and column 3 from 466 to 482. There are
no dates for this page, but if there are dates for the sequentially earlier
and later numbered entries, we'll be able to establish aproximate dates
for the deceased on this page. I would guess that they will be for the
later period of WW1, when there was both heavy fighting in the
vicinity of Czernowitz and wide spread hunger, accounting for the
large number of graves without name.
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