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Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 19:29:30 EDT

<x-html><!x-stuff-for-pete base="" src="" id="0" charset=""><HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><FONT SIZE=2 FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial" LANG="0">My posting of a request to find the location of a town Derelin had a positive reply from Joseph Glen. He correctly determined that Dereluy (Derelin on grandpa's naturalization papers) really was the town. He eliminated the last two letters "in" and there it was - waiting to be found after all these years.

Rumor had it that grandpa, Adolf Agatstein, came from Chernovtsy and Dereluy is only 7.4 miles from Chernovtsy, and 2.6 miles from Molodja the town he departed from when coming to the US in 1899. Thanks to the Library of Congress, I now have maps of Dereluy and Molodja and Chernovtsy.

His date of birth was Sept. 15, 1878, per his naturalization papers. The big question - how or where can I get a copy of his birth record?

My success rate from postings has been phenomenal, please don't disappoint me.

Thanks in advance.

Elaine Sanders Kaplan
Coconut Creek, Florida

Agatstein - Chernovtsy, Dereluy Ukraine
Teitelbaum - Snyatyn, Ukraine
Teichholz, Teitelbaum - Tarnopol, Ukraine
Sandner - Sambor, Ukraine
Kriegel - Drohobych, Ukraine
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