Genetic Match Urgently Needed for Bone Marrow Transplant

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 Posted on JewishGen today - if you can help, please
  respond privately to Jay Sage -
     One of the benefits of genealogical research is the
 opportunity to help our extended family in emergency
     We are urgently searching for a bone marrow match for
 Sharon Steiff, an active member of the Jewish community in
 Boston. Since the Holocaust wiped out half the Ashkenazic
 Jewish gene pool, it is especially difficult for Jewish
 patients to find genetic matches.
     Here is some information about Sharon's genealogical
 background. The family of Sharon's mother, Charlotte Steiff,
 came from Vilna, with the surname Marenberg. She has cousins
 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the last name Cassin. Her
 maternal grandmother's maiden name was Podolinsky. The
 relatives of Sharon's father, Leon Steiff, came from
Yednitz, Romania. There is also a branch of cousins with the
last name Einis. Her paternal grandmother's maiden name was
     If you might have a connection to this family or come
 from the same general areas, there is a greater chance that
 you will be a close enough match. However, even if you turn
 out not to be a match for Sharon, if you join the
 bone-marrow registry, your information will go into a
 database, and you may someday be able to save someone else's
 If you would like more information or would like to
 register, please visit the Gift of Life website at
  or send an email message directly to me:
 Jay Sage, past president
 JGS of Greater Boston
 Merle Kastner
 JGS of Montreal, Programming
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