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The Jewish Communal Register of New York City, 1917-1918 (Second
edited and published by the Kehillah (Jewish Community) of New York

Czernowitz Bukowina Lodge No. 70 IOBA
Czernowitz Bukowina Ladies Lodge No. 17 IOBA

Both were lodges of the Independent Order Brith Abraham, a national
Jewish fraternal organization. As of 1917, the IOBA had 774 lodges in
the United States with a total of 203,000 members. Almost half of these
lodges were based in New York City; their 90,000 members paid annual
dues of about $15. IOBA's members included Jews of varied backgrounds,
but many of the inidual lodges were made up of landsmen from the same
town or region.

A benefit of IOBA membership was a $500 life/disability insurance
policy. The IOBA also engaged in charitable activities. In 1917 it
disbursed $35,000 to charities. It took "an interest in most Jewish
questions, especially in Jewish immigration, charities, and War Relief."

As of 1917, the Czernowitz Bukowiner Ladies' Lodge No. 17 met at 257
East Houston St [Manhattan] on the second and fourth Sundays of each
month. Its president was Mary Poster, elected in 1917 to a sixth-month
term. She lived at 445 East 166th Street [Bronx]. Mary, born in Russia
in 1868, came to the U.S. in 1887. The lodge's secretary was A. Ekstein,
11 East 108th St. [Manhattan].

Czernowitz Bukowiner Lodge No. 70 met at 30 First St. [Manhattan] on the
first and third Monday of each month. Its president was Nathan Drosher,
958 Hoe Ave. [Bronx].He was elected to his first six-month term in 1915.
Born 1870 in Russia, he came to the U.S. in 1888 and received a college
education. He was a printer. The lodge's secretary was M. Taylor, 405
Claremont Parkway [Bronx? Manhattan?].

The Czernowitz Bukowina Lodge has burial plots at New York City's Mount
Zion and Mount Hebron cemeteries. (See .)

Website? Consider yourself lucky if you reach a living person!
Unfortunately, it won't be Frank. The Social Security Death Index lists
a Frank Duberman, born 18 May 1905, who died in Dec 1978. Pearl
Duberman, who appears to have been his wife, is also listed in the SSDI.
>From ,.a subscription database,
shows their last residence: 1800 E. 12th St. AnyBirthday Plus also lists
a 75-year-old named Howard Duberman -- probably Frank and Pearl's son --
who at one time lived (with his wife Sandra and son James) at 1800 E.
12th St Apt 1J. His phone number is unlisted but you might try writing
him to ask the whereabouts of the lodge's records.

Many such organizations are now defunct. In some cases records have been
turned over to YIVO by the New York State
Insurance Department or by the society itself. Unfortunately, the Guide
to the YIVO Archives (1998) does not list these two lodges. It does list
another Czernowitz landsmanshaft, United Friends of Czernowitz, for
which it has financial and membership records from the early 1940's to
1973. United Friends of Czernowitz has a plot in the Beth David
Cemetery, Elmont, NY.


Renee Stern Steinig

My Czernowitz families: FALIK/FALLIK, LEHR, REIFER

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Is anyone familiar with The Czernowitz Bukowina Lodge Inc., 1800 E 12th
St, Brooklyn, NY 11229? Its president is (or was) Frank Duberman (in
Do they have a website? Are they defunct?...

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