comparing the 1900 map with the Stadtplan

From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:13:50 -0800
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Czernowitzers... If you've been trying to get a measure of
congruency between the newly posted 1900 Czernowitz street map
and the 1941 Stadtplan and you can't, try rotating the 1900 map
about 90 degrees counter clockwise (in your mind, unless you
printed it).

I believe the Pruth is to the north of downtown Czernowitz, which
would make the Stadtplan's vertical grid lines more or less
correctly aligned with true north. The 1900 map, for some reason,
seems to be rotated some 90 to 100 degrees in a clockwise
direction (am I correct on this geographers?).

Thus, Synagogue Gasse appears to run sort of north and south on
the 1900 map and sort of east and west on the 1941 map (name
changed to Strada Wilson). The Ring Platz is Piata Unirii and
serves as a good starting point. I've posted the new maps in the
map section, which should make comparisons less awkward.

The dizzyweb street translator is reasonably helpful for the name

Hope this makes sense and that I'm not misleading you.

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