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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 07:30:27 -0700
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<x-flowed>I am happy to welcome Lucca Ginsburg to our Mail List.

Lucca writes the following:

I would be grateful for your permission to join this group...

I was born in Czernowitz in 1930, left for a Caribbean island (Curacao) and
lived there until 1953, when I finally came to Israel.

My full name is Lucca Ginsburg (born Koch).

I would be pleased to hear from (then children) who attended the Meisler
School in Czernowitz, which I did myself from 1936 to 1940 (when the war
broke out).

Mt mother tongue remained German, the first language which my parents spoke
to me. Of course Rumanian was then thre language of the country and also
taught as the main language in the Meisler school - in addition to German
and French.

My e-mail address is: lucca99_at_netvision.net.il

Thanks in advance,


Carl Ulrich, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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