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From: jerome schatten <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:36:46 -0800
To: "" <>


It looks like we're going to get bogged down in confusion on the
spreadsheet project(s). My fault, I'm afraid as I didn't talk to
Simon directly about it. When I received his message to the list
this morning, I realized I should have. So forgive me all, and
let's start again.

Simon, if I understand correctly, you will still take care of the
sheet that would contain the street addresses and that data
should be sent directly to you. Let's call this sheet #1.

Concerning the sheet with the Czernowitz (and surrounds) surnames
that are being searched (sheet #2); is there a volunteer for this
sheet? I can set up the sheet for you if you like, so all you
would end up doing is collecting the data and entering it. You
would need of course, the Excel programme and the ability to
enter the data. The data would be sent directly to you from the
list members. If you wish to volunteer for sheet#2, please
contact me off list.

Sorry for the confusion.

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