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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:11:04 +0200
To: czernowitz czernowitz <>

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<FONT size=2>Is there anyone in the group who knows something about
<FONT size=2>I'd be interested in a veterinarian by the name of Feller, his
wife Rosa, and two daughters Erika and Nelly.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Furthermore two brothers Otto and Bubi Gottlieb.</FONT>

<FONT size=2>Last but not least here are some names of special friends I
had in elementary school:</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Of course girls' names would have changed due to marriage, but
let me try:</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Martha Rathsprecher, Grete Weissmann, Margot Gottesmann, Nora
Schaerf (a bit older maybe), Selma Gottlieb.</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Boys:</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Sami and Julo Loebl, twins, Adi Kommer, Friedl Sonntag, Fredy
<FONT size=2>I met Mathias Zwilling on the Czernowitz cemetery. He too was
in school with me - and he had never left Czernowitz, nor had he married or any
other kind of family. Back in Israel I corresponded with him for a while, but
then I was notified that he had passed away. He was ahighly intelligent
and nice person, and oftenacted as spokesman for our city. I saw and heard
him in several video films about the Bucovina. He lived and died in extremely
bad conditions. What a pity, what a waste!</FONT>
<FONT size=2>Lucca</FONT>

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