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Greetings Czernowitzers!

Welcome to our new list members! If you haven't already visited
the Czernowitz-L website, it's at: We're always looking for more
Czernowitz and surrounding area related materials, so don't be

Recent additions:

1. I've been capturing Lucca Ginsburg's Czernowitz vignettes as
they come out (o.k. maybe I'm a day or two behind). You will find
them on her page in the List Member's Pages section or: I hope
you've been enjoying these as much as I have.

2. Natasha, a.k.a. Natili Pechonkina from Czernowitz, sends me
from time to time, some very interesting items. I've collected
some of them on her page in
the List Members Pages section. There are two maps of Bukovina; a
list of Honourable Jewish Citizens of Czernowitz; and a
spreadsheet listing Bukovina sites that have mass graves of those
murdered in the Holocaust from the Czernowitz area. The
spreadsheet I suspect was originally done in cyrillic and thus
suffers a bit in the software translation.

3. Ten good quality photos taken in 2003 have been added to the
Photos section: nine from the Czernowitz cemetery, and one of the
small Czernowitz Synagogue. These come courtesy of Ruth Enis in
Haifa, Israel. You can find them at Just click on
the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. You will probably have to use
your scroll bars to get to the edges of the pictures.

4. A page showing the history of History of the Bucoviner
Memorial Monument in Montreal, Canada comes from Merl Kastner.
You can find it at:
Click on the last item on the page.

Coming soon (as soon as I can put the four sheets together) a
very excellent street map of Czernowitz from the Romanian period
that has a street name cross index in German and Romanian.

I did get a volunteer for the second spreadsheet (the one where
the names you have been researching will appear). She is out of
town at present but as soon as she returns, you will be able to
send your names directly to her.

A happy, healthy and prosperous 2004 to you all!

jerome - the keeper of the page
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