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<x-flowed>Dear Yehudit and all Czernowitz listers:

The web site for the World Union of Bukovina Jews is at:


It is in multiple languages. Click on "Our
Organization" for contact information. Partial
issues of Die Stimme, as recent as Dec. 2003, are
also posted on their web site.

Best always,


At 15:05 +0200 1/16/04, יהודית ירושלמי wrote:
>Hy Lucca,
>In response to your writing about die Bucovinian
>monthly I woud like to subscribe to the Journal,
>I tried several times to contact them but
>without success. Please send me their exact
>address. Thanks and Shabat Shalom. Yehudit
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>I talked to Jula Weiner on the phone and told
>him about the Czernowitz group that I have
>recently joined.
>Mr. Weiner helps publish the Bukovina monthly
>called "Die Stimme" of which the chief editor
>was Mr. Rudel who has now retired.

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