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From: Miriam R. Taylor <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 07:38:48 -0500

I would be willing to translate from German to English. Mimi

jerome schatten wrote:

> Lucca -- my spoken German is poor; my reading ability -- well,
> very poor. But, I would read Die Stimme if it could be translated
> into English. I think if I were publishing such a paper, I would
> take into consideration that there IS a 'second generation', but
> it may be not a totally German speaking generation for the most
> part.
> I suspect there may be many others like myself that would read
> the publication if it were accessible to them. Perhaps you can
> convince them to translate some or all of it into English, or
> mayhaps there are listers that would translate all or part
> because they see the value of linking those still alive and able
> to communicate with those who are younger but still care?
> Just my two pfennings (sp?) worth,
> jerome
> > Lucca Ginsburg wrote:
> >
> > I talked to Jula Weiner on the phone and told him about the
> > Czernowitz group that I have recently joined.
> > Mr. Weiner helps publish the Bukovina monthly called "Die
> > Stimme" of which the chief editor was Mr. Rudel who has now
> > retired.
> > Anyway, while talking to Mr. Weiner, he asked me whether the
> > U.S. and Canadian members still know German and whether there
> > are subscribers among you.
> > "Die Stimme" is actually not a very pretentious publication,
> > but I myself enjoy receiving it once a month; somehow it helps
> > me keep in touch with my past. Here and there I find a name
> > that I recognize. Now the staff of this paper wants to start a
> > project called "The Second Generation" - I don't really know if
> > this is a feasible idea, so many of us are no longer young, or
> > sick or simply no longer alive. And even if there is some
> > interest, how many of you know or read
> > German?
> > The above is just a bit of speculation and I would enjoy
> > receiving your comments....
> > I wish you a nice, peaceful and not too chilly Shabat!
> > Lucca
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