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  <FONT size=2>I would also be interested, but also cannot speak German
  anymore but can read some records but other German with great difficulty. I
  would like to read something like that can you be included even though
  you are not Jewish?</FONT>
  <FONT size=2>Jean</FONT>
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    <FONT size=2><STRONG>I talked to Jula Weiner on the phone and told him
    about the Czernowitz group that I have recently
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>Mr. Weiner helps publish the Bukovina monthly
    called "Die Stimme" of which the chief editor was Mr. Rudel who has now
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>Anyway, while talking to Mr. Weiner, he asked me
    whether the U.S. and Canadian members still know German and whether there
    are subscribers among you.</STRONG></FONT>
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>"Die Stimme" is actually not a very pretentious
    publication, but I myself enjoy receiving it once a month; somehow it helps
    me keep in touch with my past. Here and there I find a name that I
    recognize. Now the staff of this paper wants to start a project called "The
    Second Generation" - I don't really know if this is a feasible idea, so many
    of us are no longer young, or sick or simply no longer alive. And even if
    there is some interest, how many of you know or read</STRONG></FONT>
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>German?</STRONG></FONT>
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>The above is just a bit of speculation and I would
    enjoy receiving your comments....</STRONG></FONT>
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>I wish you a nice, peaceful and not too chilly
    <FONT size=2><STRONG>Lucca</STRONG></FONT>

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