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<x-charset windows-1255>Dear Lucca, Mimi, Jerome and other Czernowitzers,

I would like to offer a small contribution to the discussion on "Die

I am of the "Second Generation", and to my regret my knowledge of German is
fairly minimal. Well, I may be able to get the gist of an article, but I
cannot really read it.

I have been aware of "Die Stimme" as an interesting publication for some
time, and I sometimes get copies passed on by my cousin Anny Matar in
Israel. I would very much welcome an English version.

I expect that there would be quite a number of other people in a similar
position. I agree with Jerome that that there IS indeed a 'second
generation'. Jerome suggests that
it may be not a totally German speaking generation for the most
part. I think one could put this more definitely - there is likely to be a
large proportion of the "second generation" whose German is rusty, minimal
or non-existent.

(And by the way, it's not just US and Canadian members - I am in the UK!)

I am not suggesting a solution - but I certainly feel that it would be well
worth while to try to find one.

Best regards to all,


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I talked to Jula Weiner on the phone and told him about the Czernowitz group
that I have recently joined.
Mr. Weiner helps publish the Bukovina monthly called "Die Stimme" of which
the chief editor was Mr. Rudel who has now retired.
Anyway, while talking to Mr. Weiner, he asked me whether the U.S. and
Canadian members still know German and whether there are subscribers among
"Die Stimme" is actually not a very pretentious publication, but I myself
enjoy receiving it once a month; somehow it helps me keep in touch with my
past. Here and there I find a name that I recognize. Now the staff of this
paper wants to start a project called "The Second Generation" - I don't
really know if this is a feasible idea, so many of us are no longer young,
or sick or simply no longer alive. And even if there is some interest, how
many of you know or read
The above is just a bit of speculation and I would enjoy receiving your
I wish you a nice, peaceful and not too chilly Shabat!
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