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<x-charset windows-1255>I am a First and Second generation. (Second because of my age and first
because of being there - Transnistria as an infant). I speak good German and
Read as well. Sorry but I am not Interested in "Die Stimme".
I answered the public demand for the second generation to register, but
nobody was interested.

Asher Turtel Petach Tiqwa - Israel.

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> Dear Lucca, Mimi, Jerome and other Czernowitzers,
> I would like to offer a small contribution to the discussion on "Die
> Stimme".
> I am of the "Second Generation", and to my regret my knowledge of German
> fairly minimal. Well, I may be able to get the gist of an article, but I
> cannot really read it.
> I have been aware of "Die Stimme" as an interesting publication for some
> time, and I sometimes get copies passed on by my cousin Anny Matar in
> Israel. I would very much welcome an English version.
> I expect that there would be quite a number of other people in a similar
> position. I agree with Jerome that that there IS indeed a 'second
> generation'. Jerome suggests that
> it may be not a totally German speaking generation for the most
> part. I think one could put this more definitely - there is likely to be
> large proportion of the "second generation" whose German is rusty, minimal
> or non-existent.
> (And by the way, it's not just US and Canadian members - I am in the UK!)
> I am not suggesting a solution - but I certainly feel that it would be
> worth while to try to find one.
> Best regards to all,
> David
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> From: Lucca Ginsburg
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> Subject: "die Stimme"
> I talked to Jula Weiner on the phone and told him about the Czernowitz
> that I have recently joined.
> Mr. Weiner helps publish the Bukovina monthly called "Die Stimme" of which
> the chief editor was Mr. Rudel who has now retired.
> Anyway, while talking to Mr. Weiner, he asked me whether the U.S. and
> Canadian members still know German and whether there are subscribers among
> you.
> "Die Stimme" is actually not a very pretentious publication, but I myself
> enjoy receiving it once a month; somehow it helps me keep in touch with my
> past. Here and there I find a name that I recognize. Now the staff of this
> paper wants to start a project called "The Second Generation" - I don't
> really know if this is a feasible idea, so many of us are no longer young,
> or sick or simply no longer alive. And even if there is some interest, how
> many of you know or read
> German?
> The above is just a bit of speculation and I would enjoy receiving your
> comments....
> I wish you a nice, peaceful and not too chilly Shabat!
> Lucca
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