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Czernowitzers: Below are two posts which I received privately yesterday
regarding the Machzur page. Permissions were granted to share them with the
list. The first is from Aaron Roll and the second from Mimi Taylor.

Hi Jerome,

In regard to issue number two...The Sidur page.

Lilian Madfes last name is resembles the Hebrew 'Madpes' which is a
'Printer' (Madfes has no meaning in Bibled Hebrew).

The "Sidure" page is divided to three parts, the upper one is written in
Hebrew-Hebrew (Traditionally Bible Hebrew)and the second part is written in
RAS"HI Hebrew (the RAS"HI's language translation to the Bible). The third
part is written in Yiddish-Hebrew

The first part is telling that the "Sidure" is written based on old
manuscripts and cumulated into three books 1) Mate Levi: 2) House of Levi
3)Taitsh (I have no Idea what Taitsh is)

The second part (Ras"hi Hebrew) is saying that part of the Sidure is coming
from Sepharadic version that was printed in Amsterdam

The third part is Yiddish-Hebrew and is saying:
                                Part One
                                TSHERNOWICH (In Yiddhish-Hebrew)

It is a beautiful printing and the quality of the printout is amazing. The
Hebrew and Rash"I's writing is very precise and accurate as we are writing
these days. The order of issues on the page is a bit confusing and is not
written as we are doing these days. This is a Beautiful hand writing that
was written by ST"M hand writer (ST"M=Sofer Thilim O'megilot = A Writer of
T'hilim O'megilot - a highly respectable profession among orthodox Jews),
the only way "Sidures" were written those days, as are some written to date
(my personal Hagada is written in the same hand writing fashion).


Aaron Roll


Dear Jerome,

The cover page of the machzor does contain the name Czernowitz in bold
orange red letters, spelled in Yiddish. Actually it says the following:
First part (in Hebrew)
In Czernowitz (in Yiddish)
"Lenberg gedrukt bei Chaje Taube Mattes 1848" ( this is interesting,
      because it means that it was printed by a woman, also I wonder if it
      was supposed to say Lemberg [Lvov] rather than Lenberg]
"Verlege A. J. Matfes" ( the correct word for publisher in German is
      Verlag and in Hebrew the word for printer is "madpis", the word for
       printed letter is "midpas" both from the root "dalet, pei, samech" or
       the equivalent of d, p, s.)
Would you please forward this information to Lilian Madfes, it seems I
do not have her e-mail address.
       Best regards to both of you,

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