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From: Miriam R. Taylor <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:18:42 -0500

In response to Aaron Roll's letter, "Taitch" or Daitch means German in
Yiddish, occasionaly it also stood for "vertaitchen" or 'fertaitchen"
meaning translated or explained.

jerome schatten wrote:

> Czernowitzers: Below are two posts which I received privately yesterday
> regarding the Machzur page. Permissions were granted to share them with the
> list. The first is from Aaron Roll and the second from Mimi Taylor.
> js
> Hi Jerome,
> In regard to issue number two...The Sidur page.
> Lilian Madfes last name is resembles the Hebrew 'Madpes' which is a
> 'Printer' (Madfes has no meaning in Bibled Hebrew).
> The "Sidure" page is divided to three parts, the upper one is written in
> Hebrew-Hebrew (Traditionally Bible Hebrew)and the second part is written in
> RAS"HI Hebrew (the RAS"HI's language translation to the Bible). The third
> part is written in Yiddish-Hebrew
> The first part is telling that the "Sidure" is written based on old
> manuscripts and cumulated into three books 1) Mate Levi: 2) House of Levi
> 3)Taitsh (I have no Idea what Taitsh is)
> The second part (Ras"hi Hebrew) is saying that part of the Sidure is coming
> from Sepharadic version that was printed in Amsterdam
> The third part is Yiddish-Hebrew and is saying:
> Part One
> TSHERNOWICH (In Yiddhish-Hebrew)
> It is a beautiful printing and the quality of the printout is amazing. The
> Hebrew and Rash"I's writing is very precise and accurate as we are writing
> these days. The order of issues on the page is a bit confusing and is not
> written as we are doing these days. This is a Beautiful hand writing that
> was written by ST"M hand writer (ST"M=Sofer Thilim O'megilot = A Writer of
> T'hilim O'megilot - a highly respectable profession among orthodox Jews),
> the only way "Sidures" were written those days, as are some written to date
> (my personal Hagada is written in the same hand writing fashion).
> Enjoy
> Aaron Roll
> Toronto
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> Dear Jerome,
> The cover page of the machzor does contain the name Czernowitz in bold
> orange red letters, spelled in Yiddish. Actually it says the following:
> First part (in Hebrew)
> In Czernowitz (in Yiddish)
> "Lenberg gedrukt bei Chaje Taube Mattes 1848" ( this is interesting,
> because it means that it was printed by a woman, also I wonder if it
> was supposed to say Lemberg [Lvov] rather than Lenberg]
> "Verlege A. J. Matfes" ( the correct word for publisher in German is
> Verlag and in Hebrew the word for printer is "madpis", the word for
> printed letter is "midpas" both from the root "dalet, pei, samech" or
> the equivalent of d, p, s.)
> Would you please forward this information to Lilian Madfes, it seems I
> do not have her e-mail address.
> Best regards to both of you,
> Mimi
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