[Cz-L] hebrew/yiddish representations of Czernowitz

From: jerome schatten <romers_at_shaw.ca>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 12:22:59 EST
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Czernowitzers: Excuse me for using the list to respond to a reply from
S.J.Metz; his ISP is
again rejecting e-mail from shaw.ca.

"Shmuel Metz (Seymour J.)" wrote:
> In <200403260147.i2Q1lcPL016995_at_elist02.mail.cornell.edu>, on
> 03/25/2004
> at 08:47 PM, jerome schatten <romers_at_shaw.ca> said:
> >Hmmm... now I wonder if the Hebrew would be different than the Yiddish?
> I would expect them to be very different.

Hi Seymour and thanks for your e-mail. Well, we know the Hebrew alphabet
letters for Czernowitz in Yiddish (transliterated german written in Hebrew
letters as on the site). My thought was that since Czernowitz in not a
native Hebrew word, it would be almost the same thing: transliterated german
into Hebrew letters with respect to how a native Hebrew speaker would
pronounce it. Possibly with slight variations in how the vowels are
represented with respect to Yiddish.

Does that make any sense? What are the Hebrew letters that make 'Czernowitz'
in Hebrew?


p.s. If anyone else wants to weigh in on this, please do.
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