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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 17:16:23 EST
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Dear [Cz-L] members,

I am pleased to announce that towards the Holocaust Day the list of "Jews of
Siret: Victims of the Holocaust" will arise online.

Without the generous help of Mr. Bruce I. Reisch (from the Sadagora and
Radauti ShtetLinks ) this project couldn't go online.

This list was copied from a Memorial plate in the Siret Temple to plates
which, for years, resided in the Nadworna Yeshiva in Bnei Brak. When the
Holon cemetery Memorial Monument (Holon, Israel) was erected, the following
names were inscribed on the Monument.
This is not a complete list because each name was supplied by Holocaust
survivors. It is possible to add to this list or to update the data (kindly
send your information to Marc Goldberger (at marina778_at_bezeqint.net ). The
names were translated from Hebrew so it is possible that there are some
differences with the original name.
The list is located in Radauti ShtetLinks:

Happy Pesach to all of you!

Marc Goldberger


GOLDBERGER, GOLDENBERGER and TAU (from Siret and Czernowitz), SLOVIS,
SLUVIS (from Berdichev), ZLOTNIK (from Kamenets Podolskiy).
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