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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:38:27 EST
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<x-charset windows-1255>Hi Lucca,

  A boy in Czernowitz I was fortunate not to have to wear high heels, but I
remember the problems encountered by those ladies who used them. As a matter
of fact when i was there last spring it became clear that the only roads
that did not deteriorate through the different occupations and change of
authorities where those made by the Austrians until the first World War.
Also you can still see on some streets the sewer steel covers of same origin
  Anything made of asphalt had to be redone several times (or left to its
fate in peace).

The Viennese ladies complained about their wiener Pflaster, meaning exactly
those cobbled stones that are so difficult to walk on. After some distance
made by foot you feel the road under your heels, even without high ones.
Distances in Czernowitz of course, looked much shorter after all those years
  and I enjoyed every stone I could remember, hated this new asphalt that now
substitutes the former stone cover. But it is still there, and also in a few
other places in eastern Europe - fighting a lost battle against progress.

Greatings to you and all other readers,

Berti Glaubach
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