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Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:26:28 -0400
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<x-flowed>Dear Friends:

For those of you wondering about the status of the project to create
a computerized database of burials in the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery,
here is a brief update.

Between October 2003 and March 2004, our dedicated transcription team
completed the entry of all names written in Latin letters (ca. 1865
to 1948) into Excel spreadsheets. (The rest of the register through
the 1990s is written in Russian and has been transcribed/translated
by others.) We now have 27,338 entries in the Excel spreadsheets
done by the Czernowitz-L team. However, this represents information
on fewer than 27,338 individuals since many names are duplicated in
both the parcel-by-parcel as well as alphabetized sections of the

While the data was being submitted, I double-checked (and corrected)
submissions, line by line, for accuracy and consistency in numerous
formatting details. I completed that task early this month.

Our goal is to have a database with reasonably accurate information.
It's quite difficult to transcribe handwritten records from many
years ago into accurate entries! For this reason, we need to verify
and double check all names, dates, plot locations, etc. We are
preparing for this step now. Lancy Spalter has been helping me to
organize the instructions that will go out to Data Verifiers, and
Yossi Eshet is working to double check a spreadsheet of
German=Romonian street names to be used to verify addresses of
relatives that sometimes appear in the registers.

While all this is in progress, I am glad to do look-ups in the
database for you as my time permits.

Hymie Reichstein, Pres. of JGS Ottawa, hopes to have the complete
database (1865-1990s) posted on JewishGen while the project continues
with the more time-consuming phase of linking digital pictures of
each stone to each name in the database.

Best wishes always,
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