RE: [Cz-L] Fritzi Schiffer -- and Klara Lehr Kreisler

From: Renee Steinig <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:42:01 EDT

How sad to hear of Fritzi's death. My cousin Klara Kreisler, who was
Fritzi's close childhood friend, died -- also unexpectedly -- in November,
in Tel Aviv. I last spoke to Fritzi at that time.

Fritzi and Klara are pictured together in a class photo on the Sadgurea
website -- (click
Pictures, then Family Photos, then Page 4).

It's eerie that these two devoted friends -- both still active and well in
their early 80s -- died suddenly within months of each other.

I'm not sure I sent my remembrance of Klara to the whole group at the time,
so I'd like to share it now:

Klara, the daughter of Rivka Reifer and Isaac Lehr, was born in 1922 in
Neuzuczka and was educated in Sadagura and Chernowitz. During World War II,
Klara endured the death marches in Transnistria, where she watched her
parents die. After the war, Klara married Leib Kreisler and they made aliyah
to Israel in about 1950.

Klara was an exceptionally kind and giving person. Her innate generosity,
combined with her intelligence, her fluency in English (she read English
novels to keep up her skills), and her connections with Chernowitz
landsleit, made Klara an ideal genealogical informant, and I know that she
graciously helped several of you locate mishpacha in Israel.

Klara is survived by her sons, Usi and Shay, and by seven grandchildren.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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Dear Friends:

I just learned this morning that my friend, Fritzi Schiffer (nee
Brender), recently passed away. Fritzi was born in Sadagora.

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