[Cz-L] Czernowitz Streets Name

From: Ignacio Sternberg <isternberg_at_attglobal.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 23:09:16 EDT
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Hello friends:
After some absence I am rejoining this wonderful group.
Here is an address where you can get Czernowitz's streets names in
German-Rumanian and vice versa

I just returned from Israel where I attended the Internat. Genealogy meeting
and had the wonderful opportunity to interview two relatives who lived in
Czernowitz, one of them a lady 95 years old !!!! ( bis 120 !!! ) They knew
some of my family ( WALZER'S and NUSSENBAUM'S ) and confirmed me the
addresses where they had lived and had their businesses.

Anyone interested in more information can email me

Shabbat Shalom

Ignacio Sternberg
Caracas Venezuela
President Asociacion de Genealogiaq Judia de Venezuela
PD excuse me any mistakes with my English.
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