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[Moderator's note: Strictly speaking, recipes are not on topic
("history and genealogy of the Czernowitz/Sadagora Jewish
communities") and I would discourage the posting and discussion of
recipes here. But since Friedmann's is part of the Czernowitz lore
and history, and with Lucca's willingness to share so much with all
of us, I am allowing this as a one time posting. Perhaps, if there
is further interest, recipes could be sent to Jerome for posting on
the members.shaw.ca/czernowitz web site?]

Madelon tells me that she has finally made a "Schmettentorte" as per
recipe which I inherited from Mr. Friedmann, may he rest in peace,
owner and manager of the famous Friedmann Restaurant in Czernowitz.
and it was a great successs.
I will now give you an additional recipe of a delicious
coconut-chocolate cake (men who don't bake, just disregard!)
You need:
5 spoons of cocoa
2 1/4 glasses of sugar (one glass is abt 200 gr.)
6 eggs
1oo gr. ground coconut
3 spoons flour
1 baking powder
70 gr.butter or margerine

You bring to the boil 3 spoons of cocoa with 1 glass of sugar, and
1/3 glass of water. Lower the flame and keep on stirring for 3-4
minutes. Remove from the flame and while still hot, add one egg yolk
after the other while still stirring (if you don't stir, the yolks
will harden). Then you add the baking powder, the 100 gr. ground
coconut, the flour . If you use self-rising flour, you won't need the
baking powder.

Then you beat the egg-whites quite stiff, slowly add the cocoa
mixture, and bake the whole thing on low heat for about half an hour
(depends on your oven).

Now there are two methods to finish this:
If you are in a hurry, you just make a glazing of:
2 spoons cocoa, one coffee spoon of soluble coffee, 3/4 of a glass
of water bring to the boil while still stirring., While still hot,
add the butter or margerine. Give it a chance to cool, and then cover
the cakewith this frostimg. It's absolutely good,
if you want it more fancy, you:
melt 100 gr. of semi-sweet chocolate, together with 2 spoons of sugar
two spoons of water, when melted add one cup of whipping cream, the
rich one. After bringing this to a boil, cool and put it into the
fridge for one night, and whip it next day, so that its volume
doubles (more or less.)
You cut the cake into two tiers, cover the first one with the cream,
put on top the second tier, and finally cover the whole thing with
the remaining cream (there should be more than enough). A friend of
mine calls this cake "a gourmet's high adventure"..

I am still trying to locate a scanner which will enable me to send
you some additional photos, especially of Mr. Friedmann, but with the
holidays our routines were a bit disrupted.

Affectionately, Lucca

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