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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:29:45 EST
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<x-charset windows-1255>To my Czernowitzer friends:
I am so pleased to tell you that Simon Kreindler and his wife Ruby will
visit me to-day ..
We'll talk about our roots -which no matter what cannot be denied or
disregarded - we'll have lunch together, and they'll see how one can live -
and survive - in a minuscule apartment, two tiny rooms, which still hold my
favorite books, a monster of a yellow armchair which is being grabbed and
immediately occupied by every visitor here, my computer, and a newly
purchased keyboard on which I make nice music. It is not anything like my
regretted piano, which I could not take along, but it's the next best thing,
I suppose.
Simon and Ruby are so lucky...after the first storm of the year, rains and
wind and low, low temperatures, we have wonderful sunshine to-day. They will
travel by train from Tel-Aviv to Haifa...
Will get in touch soon, bibi,
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