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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 14:41:48 -0400
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[Passing this along to the group - it comes from Joanna Liss, one of
our newer list members, and a participant in the cemetery project in
Chernivtsi. She's also a cousin of list founder, Nick Martin. Bruce]

Hello Bruce, I don't have the email info with me to post to the site,
so hopefully you can pass this info along. The cemetery project just
ended this afternoon, we had lots of discussion about how to deal
with roots and continuing the momentum, met with lots of people.
It's very gratifying to see the press coverage and people's feedback.
I will write as much as I can on my blog, starting now! Have a
couple of hours before my train tonite. Perhaps you can give the
blog address to people. It's Also, we have
hundreds of photos of the project, and some of the graves, and the
city and Sadagura, between all of the volunteers. I will post some
when I return home in another 2 weeks, heading to Krakov and then
Prague. Regards, Joanna

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> This link was kindly shared with me by Christian Herman:
> Best wishes,
> Bruce

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