Re: [Cz-L] Photographs of Popovici urgently needed

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 22:38:23 +0300

  There are not many pictures of T.Popovici around.
    There is one with an army cap as an officer .( Not reccommended for
    Removing the cap leaves him baldheaded because he had no hair.
      Sorry, but he was no Rudolf Valentino.
      We memorialize Popovici for what he was and not for how he looked.
        In my oppinion he looked wonderful but you cannot argue taste.
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> At this point I do not know whether an incised or etched portrait
> of Popovici will be included in the plaque, but it may.
> If any of you can obtain photographs of Traian Popovici,
> please send them to me, one at a time, so my mailbox
> does not become overloaded. I have only one photograph,
> the one showing him bareheaded. It is not a very flattering.
> There may be some better ones.
> Mimi

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