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Wow ! A relative !


I saw a list (on the Jewish-Gen site) of landowners in 1808 who were granted
lands following the Edict of Toleration issued in 1761 by the Emperor, I
believe, some 20 years after the Ottomans ceded Bukowina to Austria (1741).


I presumed that they are direct ancestors, because my grandfather Kula owned
huge agribusiness estates, my mother said in Rarancea. I understand that the
Edict only permitted 120 Jewish landholdings in each province of the Empire,
and there are two Kulas on this list. This leads me to guess that they may
have predated the Austrians and originally been Ottoman subjects. My mother
and my aunt were quite swarthy and semitic , my uncle only slightly less so,
so that is - at least - not inconsistent.


As I wrote I have virtually no information about my grandfather's family. He
had a brother or cousin Norbert, who was a pharmacist, and that's it. He
married into the Lehr family, which was also prosperous. For all I know, it
could have been an alliance. The Lehrs owned the soap/tallow/leather tanning
works, and the raw product was, of course, cattle. I have picked up
information about the high Lehr standing in Czernowitz, but the Kula
information is suspiciously not there. They were, perhaps, not centered in
Czernowitz, even though they had a home there where their children were
raised. I do not recognize any of the names you mention.



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Thanks for your reply, as your request goes back a few yrs. However I have
heard stories from an uncle Salo Cula, now deceased that mentioned cousins
who made a search many years ago and traced the ancestry back to estate
owners that were granted rights & property of the Empress Maria Theresa.
True? stories who knows. There are Kulas (Culas) in the U. S. that are
related somehow, how distant I don't know. I have been incontact with a Gail
Long, N. California, whose grandmother's name was Breine Kula(Kulla) lived
in Czernovitz and worked in a bakery called Cafe Europa, owned by a relative
Leib Bruckenthal. My search so far has not borne any fruit.

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