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Liebe Rosi,
wenn Du kannst, bitte schicke diese Nachricht an die Czernowitz Liste.

I have been asked by a friend of mine, Dr. Liane Copelman-Wiesenthal,
the daughter of the well known Czernowitz pediatrician Dr. Mendel
Wiesenthal, to circulate among the Czernowitz List the following

I read with interest the book "Erinnerungen an Czernowitz" by Zvi
Yavetz, who is referring in many places to my father Dr. Mendel
Wiesenthal. Although the book contains many correct and praising
statements about my father, there are also some details which are
incorrect. Thus my father did not pass away left alone, in Germany,
in an old people's home, but in Paris, on October 7-th, 1982 having
around him his two children and the rest of the family.

Roza Shteyn


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