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Just a thought - grinding of stumps might not be desirable if the tree is
growing at all close to any graves. Both so as not to disturb the ground,
and to prevent any possible damage to stones. Perhaps in this situation
chemicals might be better? The main objective is probably to prevent
regrowth, rather than the actual removal of the stump.


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> Regarding the use of chemicals to remove weeds and stumps from the
> cemetaries. As a master gardener, I use two chemicals in my garden.
> Glyphosate (found under the brand name Round-Up in the U.S.) and garlon
> (sometimes listed as Garlon3A). Both are systemic compounds that will kill
> roots and must be applied directly to the plant in question. While all
> chemicals can be harmful if applied improperly and one has to read the
> directions fully for each chemical, I do know that glyphosate will work on
> most plants and does not "linger" in the soil. Repeat applications may be
> necessary depending on the type of plant and its hardiness.
> The best removal of tree stumps is through grinding, once the main trunk
> of the tree has been removed. Chemicals for tree stump removal do not act
> quickly and again, according to directions, may have to be re-applied for
> some trees. Hope this helps as a start in determining how to remove
> vegetation.
> Ava Cohn

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