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From: Miriam Taylor <>
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 10:15:16 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Dear All,

The number of large trees in the cemetery is very small.
These, unless old and breaking of their own accord, should be left alone.
They have an extensive root system, which if itt decays, may cause graves
to sink. Some, according to photographs I have, were already in existence
in 1937. These also provide shade, which if dense enough, prevent the
germination of new plants.
The problem is with the dense new growth of trees, mostly maples, mostly two
or three years old with a diameter of about 2" = 5cm. There are too many,
to grind them down. The stumps of these can be accelerated in their decay,
by bacteria and fungi, or by physical means, such as covering them with some
non-permeable material. Chemical means of destroying the stumps is not

New growth from the stumps as well as from seeds, can be eradicated by
chemical means, such as round-up, which is a systemic agent, which needs to
be applied to the leaves of the plant. These same agent will also kill the
various creepers which have become established in the cemetery; Vinca,
English Ivy and another one, which I can identify by sight, but the name of
which I need to find.

Round-up is manufactured by Monsanto and is authorized for use in the US.
Could someone find out if it is available for use and approved in Europe and
the Ukraine?

I will write more about this, the work which has been done and some ideas
for future maintenance of the cemetery, in a day or two.



> Just a thought - grinding of stumps might not be desirable if the tree is
> growing at all close to any graves. Both so as not to disturb the ground,
> and to prevent any possible damage to stones. Perhaps in this situation
> chemicals might be better? The main objective is probably to prevent
> regrowth, rather than the actual removal of the stump.
> David
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