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From: Bondy Stenzler <>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 10:29:07 -0700 (PDT)
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I hope that it's not too late but I want to express my opinion, and I can do this properly only in romanian so if somebody can translate thanks...
  Fragmentul "SI PROBABIL DE LA MOARTE" mi se pare problematic si sensibil deoarece si asa "TRANSNISTRIA" a fost todeauna considerata un lagar "uitat"
  cu mai putini evrei omorati etc.
  Avem si asa destule probleme si cu cei care reneaga holocaustul si afirmatia unui grup de evrei care in vesnica lor corectitudine si autoacuzare afirma "PROBABIL MOARTE" da de fapt "apa la moara" celor care afirma ca "noi" EXAGERAM...
  Eu consider ca "A SALVAT DE LA DEPORTARE IN TRANSNISTREA" este suficient si concludent.
  Cu stima
  Bondy Stenzler
Miriam Taylor <> wrote:
  Please excuse all the errors I make in designing the plaque.
New concerns about the correctness of the Romanian inscription
have surfaced.

I may have to change the Romanian wording, yet again.
The probable new wording, will contain one word less,
in the longest line, thereby making the inscription narrower
and will allow each letter to be wider.

I may also make the plaque slightly higher (longer),
so that it will be square (45 cm X45 cm) and the height of
each letter will increase as well.

Thanks to all who have offered to contribute to the payment for the plaque.

It is difficult to collect money in different currencies,
 from people who live in different countries.
If the cost of the plaque is $300 - $400, I will pay for it myself.
If it is more, we'll make some arrangement later.

Best regards,

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