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Dear Cz'ers,
As many of you know I am the widow of Rudy Koenig who was born in
Czernowitz in 1930 and was deported to Transnystria where he lost
most of his family. Although you may know this little story, I think
it is worth repeating at this time when the issue of the plaque is
being discussed.
        People are always asking me why I wrote GYPSY TEARS, LOVING A
HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR when it was such a painful endeavor. This is my
        About 9 years ago, I was traveling through New England
(northeastern USA) with my 10 year old grandson. I was reading while
we were waiting for a breakfast table at the inn.
          The young waitress said to Steven, "My, your grandmother reads a lot."
          Steven responded, "Yes, she is doing research on concentration camps."
          The waitress exclaimed, "Oh, what a wonderful idea.!! A camp
where you can go to learn how to concentrate!!"
         I hope this helps confirm the importance of the plaque being
readily understandable and educational to as many visitors as
possible. Best regards, Cora Schwartz

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