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I have created a "mock-up" of the proposed Popovici plaque using the
inscription displayed on the Czernowitz-L site. I can change it anytime, or
at least when it is changed on the Cz-L site where I can just copy and paste
it onto my webpage. You can see it at

I have also added a few new photos onto the Czernowitz Photographic Studios
page. I also discovered a new studio: the H. Ehrlich Studio on Storozynetz
(1904-5). Also I discovered that the Rubens Studios, which seemed to be a
popular studio in the late 1920s, was at Kochanowskigasse 5. I'm not sure
which map on the Cz-L site will show me where exactly these streets were in
relation to the city center.

I have also put online a webpage for my "Czernowitz Family Wedding Album,"
though more photographs will be added as I receive them. You can find a link
to it on the main exhibition page under "Wedding Album" .
www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/czernowitz.htm .

Lastly, I want to remind you of the large number of Holocaust survivors
(292) who stated they were born in Cernauti, who gave video testimony to the
Shoah Foundation Institute. Someone might like to search the name list to
see if they recognize the names of some of the interviewees.
About their interviewing in Romania itself (seemingly 140 Jews):
You can search using the Institute Catalogue, though this involves a number
of steps. Just choose the city/location, looking for "Cernauti (Romania)."
Then click on the "Search" link at the top right of the page. The link to
the catalogue is
http://tc.usc.edu/vhitc/(a5qv3ljm0eadavnyww5wnlfw)/default.aspx. Click on
the arrow where it says "Testimony Catalogue", read the terms of use, click
on "I Accept," and there you are. Here is a list of the type of information
given by/for each interviewee (when applicable).

      Name of Interviewee
      Date of Birth
      City of Birth
      Country of Birth
      Religious Identity (Prewar)
      Religious Identity (Postwar)
      Religious Identity (Time Period Unknown)
      Went into Hiding
      Member of Underground, Resistance or Partisan Group(s)
      Hiding or living under false identity (Location)
      Type of hiding place
      Resistance Group(s)
      Liberated by
      Location of liberation
      Fled from Nazi controlled territory
      Forced (death) Marches
      Aid Giver, Liberator, or War Crimes Trials Participant
      Other Experiences
      State of Interview
      Country of Interview
      Language(s) of Interview
      Length of Interview
      Interview Code

Steven Lasky
New York
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