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Dear All,

I am very glad that Both Marianne and Florence will be going
to Chernivtsi to advise Natalya Shechenko on the part
of the exhibition about the holocaust. Their knowledge
and expertise will ensure that this part of the exhibition,
correctly portrays the event of that period.

At the same time, I would urge all those who have material
relevant to the whole exhibition; photographs, documents
and letters, to scan this material and send the scans
to Natalya Shevchenko. I have written her and asked her to
let us know how best to get this material to her.
I expect I will have her answer in the next few days.

Once we know how best to send the material, please send it
to her right away. It would be wrong to wait with this,
until we get the report from Marianne and Florence in June.
In the meantime search through your photographs and documents
and prepare the scans.

Best regards,


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