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Most pictures are of course from before WW!, some during the interwar period
and some of the last ones during WW2 showing German soldiers.

On No 22 the text reads "Templu(l) evreesc din Cernauti" meaning Jewish
temple of Cernowitz. It is obviously a caricature and free drawing of the
market place

that borderded the Theaterplatz (Vasile Alexandri) up to the
Universitaetsgasse corner Tempelgasse with the Temple shown as background.
The singular not

articulated form of Templu, a Temple instead "the Temple" seams to indicate
that the author just took the Temple (there was only one in Czernowitz but

uninformed spectator might not know that) as an example for "real" Jewish
culture as reflected by the 3 Jews in the forefront. Observe that all the
other people on

the market picture are entirely gentile. This anti-Semitic poster must have
been created sometimes in the late 1930th or during the war in the 1940th.


Berti Glaubach, Haifa.

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> Czernowitzers...
> I have posted another 95 old cards and photos from the Live Journal site.
> If you don't visit
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