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   This is a picture by Oskar Laske , famous jewish painter of Vienna,
     born in Czernowitz.
       This is not an antisemitic poster !

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>> Most pictures are of course from before WW!, some during the interwar
>> period and some of the last ones during WW2 showing German soldiers.
>> On No 22 the text reads "Templu(l) evreesc din Cernauti" meaning Jewish
>> temple of Cernowitz. It is obviously a caricature and free drawing of the
>> market place
>> that borderded the Theaterplatz (Vasile Alexandri) up to the
>> Universitaetsgasse corner Tempelgasse with the Temple shown as
>> background. The singular not
>> articulated form of Templu, a Temple instead "the Temple" seams to
>> indicate that the author just took the Temple (there was only one in
>> Czernowitz but an
>> uninformed spectator might not know that) as an example for "real" Jewish
>> culture as reflected by the 3 Jews in the forefront. Observe that all the
>> other people on
>> the market picture are entirely gentile. This anti-Semitic poster must
>> have been created sometimes in the late 1930th or during the war in the
>> 1940th.
>> Best,
>> Berti Glaubach, Haifa.

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