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Czernowitzers.... In an email from Mimi Taylor on 10 April where she
posted a letter that she received from Prof.Moskovitch, the Professor
says of Mr.Zissels:

"Moreover, he has done already much for the Shoah Remembrance in
Czernowitz and Ukraine ( e.g. the monument in Bila for the victims of the first
Nazi murders of 1941,next to the bridge over Pruth in Czernowitz..."

I'm wondering if this is the same monument as the picture on our home
page of the website whose caption reads:

"Pidgaecka street, 500 meters from Prut bridge - a monument to 400
Czernowitz Jews murdered here in July, 1941 Photograph courtesy of
Edward Turkiewich"

Does anyone have any idea about this?


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