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Very good written.

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Dear List:

After reading all the discussion thus far here are some thoughts from a

1. Almost all the discussion regarding Czernowitz on the internet has come
 from Jewish people;

2. The majority of websites/lists regarding Czernowitz are run by Jewish

3. The majority of modern travel advice, memoirs, pictures, etc regarding
Czernowitz have come from Jewish people traveling to visit their heritage;

4. The population when my Grandma lived there (1898-1920) was mostly Jewish

5. How much of Czernowitz's income comes from tourism? From Jews vs.

6. If Czernowitz was to decide to not include the Holocaust in the museum
what financial impact would that have on the city?

7. My common sense says build it and they will come. They will come and
spend money in a town most of the world knows nothing about.

8. To me, going to a Czernowitz museum with no mention of the holocaust
would be like going to a museum in Arizona with no mention of Indians.

Just some thoughts.

Carol De Poy

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