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Dear Mr. Zissels;

I am writing you today as a Jewish man from the USA who had strong family
ties to your fair city of Chernivtsi. My great grandfather, Dr. Hermann
Poras was born in Czernowitz in 1834 and in 1870 was elected representative
 from the city of Czernowitz to the State parliament. He was one of the first
Jews to so be elected. During that time he was instrumental in getting the
funding to build some of the wonderful buildings of that time. His legacy
lives on.

I was thrilled to hear that the city in planning a "Museum of Bucovina
Jewry." When discussing the formation of any museum, it is extremely
important is to define your "Mission Statement," and who is your audience,
and what is the purpose and whom will the show impact both positively and
negatively. As you well know all museums have a "Point of View" to their
subject matter and this has to be thought out carefully.

Is the purpose of this museum to educate the city residents as to influences
that Jews made for the City ?

Is the purpose to just state that Jews worked and lived here in years gone

Is the purpose to have a center where foreign visitors can come and know
that Jews once were near the majority of the city?

Is the purpose to have an exhibition where Bucovina Jews throughout the
world can come back to and connect with their past?

Is the purpose to attract Jewish tour groups and help the local economy?

Or is the purpose to memorialize the Jews who lived in your city and
acknowledge the contribution that they made to society and explain why most
are now scattered around the world longing for their relatives not to be

If part of your mission is the latter then an explanation of why there is a
Bucovina Diaspora must be shown and explained.

(The analogy is made of a "Museum of the life and times of Jesus," which
concludes its historical presentation with a picture of "The Last Supper."
Would this be of concern to your constituents?)

I hope this discussion will help you in a decision to expanding the scope of
this Museum.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Joseph Poras

19 Tally Ho Lane

Framingham, MA 01701

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