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Dear Hardy, Dear Czernowitz discussion group,

Note that the article cited by Hardy was published five years ago.
It would be interesting to learn the outcome of efforts to construct
a memorial and community center at Babi Yar. Another comment follow

At 7:27 +0300 4/2/08, HARDY BREIER wrote:
>All Group,
>Read this on Mr. Zissels,
>4. International News
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>Published on: 7/17/2003 Last Visited: 7/21/2003
>A thorn in the side of the authorities during Soviet days, Jewish
>community representative Josef Zissels is now pricking Ukrainian
>Jewish leaders -- so much so that they've declared him persona non


As pointed out below, and fairly reported, there are two sides to every story.

Bruce Reisch

>Martin Horowitz, director of the Jewish Community Development Fund
>run by the New York-based American Jewish World Service, said his
>organization would continue to deal with Zissels and the welfare,
>education and social programs administered by organizations such as
>the Va'ad.
>"This organization has known and worked with Mr. Zissels for 10
>years, and will continue to do so in future," Horowitz wrote in an
>e-mail interview with JTA.
>"As someone who knows Mr. Zissels and most of the people associated
>with this recently created 'Council of Leaders,' I find it very sad
>to see one small group of Jewish activists attempting to
>'excommunicate' another of Josef Zissels' stature."

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