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Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 14:27:54 -0400
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Dear Czernowitz discussion group,

Here is a newer (Dec. 2006) notice about Mr. Zissels:

Josef Zissels Celebrates 60th Birthday

This month, Josef Zissels, the Chairman of the
Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities
(VAAD) of Ukraine, will mark his 60th birthday with a
gala celebration at the Galytska Synagogue in Kyiv. A
leading Jewish and human rights activist for much of
his professional life, Mr. Zissels spent six years as
a political prisoner in the Soviet gulag. He founded
numerous community organizations in Ukraine and the
Soviet Union, established the first Jewish umbrella
organization in the Soviet Union – the Confederation
of Jewish Organizations and Communities (VAAD) – and
founded the VAAD of Ukraine in 1991. Zissels is
currently a Board Member of the European Council of
Jewish communities, the European and World Jewish
Congresses, the World Zionist Organization, and the
founding hairman of the General Council of the
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.
NCSJ congratulates Josef on his birthday and thanks
him for his long service on behalf of the Jewish
communities of the former Soviet Union.

Ossi Horowitz
(born 1945 in Czernowitz)
--- Bruce Reisch <> wrote:

> Dear Hardy, Dear Czernowitz discussion group,
> Note that the article cited by Hardy was published
> five years ago.
> It would be interesting to learn the outcome of
> efforts to construct
> a memorial and community center at Babi Yar.
> Another comment follow
> below.
> At 7:27 +0300 4/2/08, HARDY BREIER wrote:
> >All Group,
> >Read this on Mr. Zissels,
> >Hardy
> >4. International News
> > - [Cached]
> >Published on: 7/17/2003 Last Visited: 7/21/2003
> >
> >A thorn in the side of the authorities during
> Soviet days, Jewish
> >community representative Josef Zissels is now
> pricking Ukrainian
> >Jewish leaders -- so much so that they've declared
> him persona non
> >grata.
> >
> -snip-
> As pointed out below, and fairly reported, there are
> two sides to every story.
> Bruce Reisch
> >...
> >Martin Horowitz, director of the Jewish Community
> Development Fund
> >run by the New York-based American Jewish World
> Service, said his
> >organization would continue to deal with Zissels
> and the welfare,
> >education and social programs administered by
> organizations such as
> >the Va'ad.
> >...
> >"This organization has known and worked with Mr.
> Zissels for 10
> >years, and will continue to do so in future,"
> Horowitz wrote in an
> >e-mail interview with JTA.
> >...
> >"As someone who knows Mr. Zissels and most of the
> people associated
> >with this recently created 'Council of Leaders,' I
> find it very sad
> >to see one small group of Jewish activists
> attempting to
> >'excommunicate' another of Josef Zissels' stature."
> >
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