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This is an open letter to the list, in the hope that there may be others who
can assist.

Dear Svetlana,

I read this email, and am wondering if there might be some mutual assistance
we can provide one another. My parents were Czernowitzers from many

They got special "Entrepreneur" visas and were two of the 700 who got into
Canada - August 27, 1939. I have about 250 letters and cables (in german for
the most part) back & forth to parents in Czernowitz that run through 1942.
As you may be aware, Czernowitz was pitched territory, and the Soviets were
there in 1941 for a time. My grandparents got out in late 1942, and I have
one letter from my mother's father from Cyprus that I got translated that
makes my hair stand on end.

I would like to donate the collection to the most suitable archive and am
worried about the stuff being left in a box in the basement. I would very
much like to get it translated.

I will call you and we can discuss whatever help we can be to each other. If
there are any others who would like to help me, it is most appreciated.


Robert Burton
Burton-Lesbury Holdings Limited/
 Cobob Holdings Limited
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TORONTO, Ontario M2N 3B3
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Dear Czernowitz-L subscribers,

I would like to introduce myself to the group. My name is Svitlana
Frunchak, I am a PhD candidate at University of Toronto working on a
dissertation on late-Stalinist Chernivtsi. My tentative thesis title
is Frontiers of Soviet: The Late-Stalinist Urban Transformation of the
Borderland City of Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 1940-1953. Although
technically a dissertation on Soviet history, it will be to a large
degree about the tremendous cultural change in the city; about
transforming Czernowitz into Chernivtsi. One of my central research
questions is how conscious and serious were Soviet power's efforts to
eliminate the signs of Jewish historical presence in the city, and how
these efforts were connected to the late-Stalinist official
I was thrilled to discover with its amazing
archives and the listserv. I have so many questions to the members of
the group, and will have million more as my research goes on.
I will do the bulk of my archival research in Chernivtsi archives in
May-August 2008, to be followed by trips to Kiev and Moscow archives.

By the way, I was born in Chernivtsi and lived there until 1999; my
family is still there. I would be happy to help people who plan to
visit the city with information and contacts.
I will write more shortly…


Svitlana Frunchak, MA

PhD Candidate,
Department of History
Room 2076, Sidney Smith Hall
University of Toronto
100 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G3

Phone: 416-7354674
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