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Cora Schwartz is on Block Island taking advantage of winter's imposed quiet
and solitude to write another book. This comes after Gypsy Tears (see
www.coraschwartz.com ), the recently published autobiography/novel.
For her next book she is researching the history of soccer/football in
Czernowitz in the years
1930 - 1950....

She has a few questions that can very likely be answered by the immense
collection of information residing in the collective minds of our CZ Group.
Cora is a little intimidated by the group "compute-mechanics" and asked me
to send the questions on her behalf. If you can answer her, PLEASE EMAIL


1 - Does anyone know of the mountain range called, "RARYV" ??

2 - Is there someone someone who knows of:

The Jewish Sports Organization called: Macaby or Macabi (it existed before
the Russians took over)
And the team called: Bucovina
Any other information regarding this topic with relation to Jews and
football in particular would be greatly appreciated.

I hope someone or several of you can help Cora.


wolfgang schaechter
santa clara, ca 95051-4516
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